Formed in the Winter of 2010, River City Taiko began as an educational ensemble at the University of Richmond. Dr. Paul Yoon, the founder of the group, was asked to teach the Global Music Ensemble at UR and thought to bring his experiences with Taiko to the students. What was initially a student ensemble quickly grew to accomodate community members who wanted to play and learn this exciting musical artform. After a brief time, the two groups separated their rehearsals, with the student ensemble keeping it's traditional Wednesday night slot and the community members moving to Sunday afternoons.  Despite being separated, the two groups continued to play and perform together with community members augmenting the students during performances and visa versa. While the student group decided to keep its name tied to the school it was associated with, and became the University of Richmond Taiko, the community group felt it should tie itself closer to the community that supported it, hence the name River City Taiko.