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Know What Your Visitors Are Doing When They Get To Your Website. How many visitors come to your site each month? What pages are your visitors viewing while on your site? Where are your visitors coming from? Do you know what your visitors are doing on your website? Are you generating leads and sales from your website? How are people finding you? What keywords/phrases are they using to find you?

Questions like these are the reason why you need ActiveNation to install, configure and analyze the Google Analytics data pertaining to your website.

With Google Analytics in place, ActiveNation will have the ability to analyze your website traffic data. Proper website data helps to improve your internet marketing efforts. Google Analytics gives you rich insights into your website traffic and marketing effectiveness. You will see where your visitors are coming from and what they are doing, the search phrases that lead visitors to your site, whether your links or advertising partners are driving traffic to your site and so much more...

You have everything to gain, with accurate website statistics and an experienced internet marketing firm that will partner with you to achieve greater success with all your online marketing efforts.

What are you waiting for? Get Started Today... For Only $89.95.

Disclaimer: ActiveNation will install Google Analytics on up to 50 pages.
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